Saturday, February 17, 2018

My Trip To Wakanda

I went to check out Black Panther today at the AMC 8 Houston.   I've been looking for an excuse to go there since they bought it, and am happy I now have another inside the Loop movie theater option to choose when I'm ready to see a movie.

AMC Dine-In Houston 8
For you Houstonians going 'What movie theater downtown?", it was the former Angelika Theater in Bayou Place that closed down in August 2010, then reopened as a Sundance Cinema before being bought out by AMC where I attended the 1 PM screening of it.
Image result for Black Panther
But back to Black Panther.   Was it worth the wait?   All I have to say about it for now since I don't want to spoil it for you folks who haven't seen it yet is hell yeah and WOW!

It was so nice not only seeing myself represented on the silver screen, but so many kick butt women.

I also watched Black Panther in 3D, and will probably see it again    This movie is shattering box office records, and is cruising toward a $210-215 million dollar opening weekend, which is the highest ever for any Marvel Cinematic Universe film,

Image result for Black Panther ShuriVanillacentric privileged people are hating on it for doing so to the point they are trying to 'scurr' other white folks into NOT going to see the movie by posting fake news of violence that hasn't occurred.

Oh well, y'all can #BeMad and #StayMad about that.  We're going to keep bum rushing the multiplexes to see it

One of the things that did bother me was having a young white male in line at the theater I went to see it at in downtown Houston show up with a small backpack and roller suitcase. 

The reason it bothered me was because I remember the mass shooting that happened in an Aurora, CO movie theater back in 2012, which was why I was concerned this person's suitcase and backpack weren't inspected before they let him in.  .

Image result for Black Panther Shuri
It became a problem halfway through my viewing of the film when it was stopped and the lights went up in the auditorium after the folks who had been seated by him in the back part of the theater ( I was in the sixth row) noticed he wasn't there and reported it to the ticket booth and manager.

Image result for Black Panther Shuri
They searched the auditorium for a few minutes to make sure he and his bags weren't there before turning the auditorium lights back down and resuming the film.

Despite that drama and having to do a sprint to the bathroom when my attempt to hold my bladder until the movie ended became an emergency sprint to the lavatory when my bladder said 'screw what you want ' and demanded immediate attention.

I was planning on seeing it again anyway.,and now I have even more of a reason to do so

Friday, February 16, 2018

When Will You See and Hear Black Trans People, Black Legacy Orgs?

Image result for Black transgender people
If you are wishing to become competent on transgender human rights issues, wouldn't hurt for you to hire the people who are experts at it and who are also culturally competent in the issues that ail Black America as well-TransGriot,  June 2015

Been talking about this it seems for years on this blog, and I and Black Trans America are still waiting for our legacy orgs to actually hire Black trans folks to do advocay work for ours and the Black TBLGQ community.

Black trans women are and have been in a state of emergency for the last several years.   We're getting slaughtered out there, without even a peeps from our legacy orgs or even Black politicians at the national stating that our Black Lives Matter.

Image result for Loretta LynchReally makes me pine for the halcyon days of the Obama Administration when then Attorney General Loretta Lynch

"Let me also speak directly to the transgender community itself. Some of you have lived freely for decades. Others of you are still wondering how you can possibly live the lives you were born to lead. But no matter how isolated or scared you may feel today, the Department of Justice and the entire Obama administration wants you to know that we see you; we stand with you; and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward. Please know that history is on your side." 
This country was founded on a promise of equal rights for all, and we have always managed to move closer to that promise, little by little, one day at a time. It may not be easy—but we’ll get there together.

Where y'all at NAACP?   Your silence as trans people's humanity and human rights have been attacked has been deafening.   Black trans folks, their parents, and their supporters need to see and hear the nation's most respected and legendary civil rights organization stand up for Black  transgender Americans the way you did for our people over much of the 20th century.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Another US Mass Shooting Nothing Will Be Done About To Prevent The Next One

These school shootings are happening so often I barely comment on them anymore. 

This Valentine's Day massacre wasn't conducted by Al Capone's mobsters in a Chicago warehouse.  It was in a Parkland, FL high school by a 19 year old 'white identity extremist' named Nikolas Cruz.

The antidote to stopping them has been obvious to me for a long time. 

*Ban the ownership of assault weapons like AR-15's by civilians
 *Institute instant background checks for anyone wishing to buy a gun tied to the National Crime Database
*Allow the CDC to study the effect of gun violence
*Ban high capacity magazines
*Vote people out of Congress who take NRA money and block any attempts at passing sensible gun control legislation
*Kick the Republicans out of control of Congress and the White House,
*Keep the GOP out of power for the next 30-40 years so we can FIX the gun violence problem 

Lori Alhadeff,  mother of 14 year old Alyssa Alhadeff, one of the 17 people slain in this latest incident, called out Trump on CNN.

How many more kids have to die before something is done about this problem?   Will it take the death of the child of a senior NRA leader?   The death of a GOP congress member's child or a GOP congressmember before that happens?

Image result for Truckload of thoughts and prayers meme
That's a good question.   But thoughts and prayers damned sure aren't going to stop these mass shootings.  Actions like banning assault weapons will.

Happy Wakanda Day!

The hate is still flowing from vanillacentric privileged folks mad that Black Panther is hitting the multiplexes today and probably by the end of this weekend will be the number one movie in America

You mad about that?   Stay mad.

Image result for Black Panther
White supremacists are tripping about this film to the point where they were plotting to jack with the film's scores on the Rotten Tomatoes website by inundating it with negative reviews.  Wouldn't be surprised in FOX Noise VP John Moody comes up with another racist op-ed attacking this movie.

Even Breitbart's shady azz, that never missed an opportunity to demonize trans people and the LGBTQ community, had the nerve to post a story asking where was the TBLGQ representation in this movie.   Your azzes were mute about the topic when it came to Star Wars and every other white dominated superhero movie, so stay mute about this one.

Related image
While they hate, Black Panther is selling out theaters and has become a cultural touchstone moment for Black America.

Happy Black History Month!   What was that noise Hollywood that movies with Black superheroes don't draw a great box office?   Blade ring a bell?

Who Are the Dora Milaje
It's also nice seeing a superhero who looks like us and coincidentally happens to be royalty on top of it.  It is a joy to see a movie that is unapologetically immersed in our African culture.   It is also going to be so cool to see all the kick butt women who are part of this movie from Queen Mother Ramonda to Princess Shuri, the genius kid sister of T'Challa, to the Dora Milaje.

So no conservadevils, we will not allow you to steal our joy in Black Panther debuting now that Wakanda Day is finally here.

Image result for Black Panther
It's even more important for our kids to see themselves reflected on the silver screen   That's probably the major reason why you conservafools and vanillacentric privileged clueless peeps are hatin' on the film.. 

This is not 'just a movie' to Black America.  My friends who have already seen it are raving about it in their words being a love letter to Blackness, and it's making me even more determined to see it this weekend.

Well, y'all can be mad and stay mad as we in Black America and our allies and accomplices head to the multiplexes to see this long awaited  movie which will probably end up getting a sequel.

A sequel in which if they follow the Black Panther story, will end up with Princess Shuri becoming Queen of Wakanda and by extension, the next Black Panther. 

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Moni's Talking Trans Issues At TSU

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So how did I spend my Valentine's Day afternoon and early evening?  Discussing transgender issues to a class at Texas Southern University.

One of the things I've wanted to do for years is have more conversations about trans issues on HBCU campuses.  I was thrilled to get an invite from Dr Rockell Burton to do just that for her graduate level Gender and Communications class.   

It's just ironic it happened on Valentine's Day.

Three graduate level classes were combined to hear yours truly talk about trans issues from a Black perspective, and thanks to Dr Burton for the invitation so I could be on The Yard for it

Image may contain: 8 people, people smiling, indoor
One of the points I wanted to leave with the students in that class was that Black trans issues are Black community issues.   I also wanted to make the point that trans men are men, trans women are women, and our Black trans lives need to matter to the cis Black community because we are an intertwined part of the community..

Looking forward to the next time and next conversation we have

Happy Valentine's Day 2018

Image result for transgender couple laila and logan
Happy Valentine's Day people!

For those of you who are happily married, engaged, or booed up on this day for lovers I'm not mad at you.  I'll just be buying my own chocolate instead of having someone get it for me. 

Image result for valentines day images
I've seen many of my family, friends and acquaintances fall in love, and in some cases gotten married.  I've even been the bridesmaid in one friend;s weeding back in 2004. Some of those relationships are ongoing, others fell by the wayside for various reasons.

While I have a lot of talents in various areas, there are some things that have been difficult for me to have happen for me in my life.  One of those difficult things for me is being in a sustained long term relationship.   Maybe it was because I missed the signs early or the right person still hasn't come into my life yet, but I'm still single.  I envy you peeps who are happily coupled, with or without a marriage license.

I knew when I transitioned in 1994 that one of the things that could possibly happen is I could possibly be spending the rest of my life by myself and never be in a committed relationship again because it's hard for a trans women, and especially Black trans women to find love.

More often than not in the early years of my transition I saw marriages contentiously break up because one partner transitioned.

Image result for Precious Brady Davis and Myles Brady davis
But over the last few years I've been seeing it happen for more than a few trans people who are either hooked up with a cis partner or what has been happening more frequently here and around the world, two trans people marrying each other.  .I'm even seeing it happen more often of people staying together and living up to the 'till death do us part' portion of their wedding vows when one person transitions.

Nikki Araguz kisses her new husband, William Loyd. The couple got married after Araguz's hearing in the Thirteenth Court of Appeals to recognise her as a female to enable the wedding.

I was also blessed to have a ringside seat as Nikki Loyd found love with Will while simultaneously fighting for and winning her landmark Araguz v. Delgado case that cemented the right for Texas trans people to get legally married   It's been fun to see how their fab life has transpired since that court victory, because it's obvious when I'm spending quality time around them they are still madly in love with each other.

L-R: Brie and Lindsey on prom night
But love in Trans, Bi and SGL World is not necessarily heteronormative.  There are bi couples, same gender loving couple and even polyamorous ones.  Some of them have lasted for decades, some till death do us part, while others broke apart because of drama.

To borrow the words of the comedian J. Anthony Brown, 'same sex marriage, same relationship drama'.

Related image
One of the things I also want to ponder on this Valentine's Day is what is happening in the ranks of trans attracted men   These are the cis men who see trans women as viable long term relationship and lifetime partners, but in many cases have to come to grips first with the idea they are attracted to trans women. 

Image result for Carmen carrera and husband
Once they get past that hurdle, they then have to get past the genitalia issue and deal with the attacks on their masculinity for daring to love a transgender woman be she pre-op, post-op or non operative.

Image result for trans attracted menBut those conversations are going to have to be had and led by trans attracted men. 

As much as we trans women would like that set of 'they unapologetically love trans women' epiphanies to happen like yesterday, just as we trans people have had to give people time to come to grips with our trans evolutionary process, we must do the same for trans attracted men. 

Once the trans attracted men evolve, one of the things that must happen in the wake of that is they will need to come out of the shadows and unequivocally state that they love us, there's nothing wrong with that, and society can kiss their azzes if they don't like it.

And that might take a celebrity doing that to break that psychic door down or our younger generations making that happen.

Related image
When will that day happen?   Damned good question.   But it does need to happen soon because we need to expeditiously erase the stigma surrounding trans relationships involving cisgender people, because that stigma I believe is a factor driving some of the anti-trans intimate partner violence that can lead to our deaths.

So to all of you peeps who are booed up on this day or well on your way to jumping the broom into the land of matrimony, congratulations.    I'll be on the sideline cheering you on and hoping for all of you to have long, healthy and happy relationships, no matter what it looks like to the outside world or what genitalia is concealed in your underwear.

.Happy Valentine's Day people!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Jeanne Ives Peddles Transphobia In Illinois Gubernatorial Campaign Ad

Image result
Illinois state legislator Jeanne Ives  (R)  is a longtime foe of the Illinois TBLGQ community who is primary challenging Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R).

A lot of people in the Land of Lincoln are unhappy with her after she unleashed an attack ad aimed at Rauner that ended up offending many people in Illinois, and members of her own party. 

The misleading ad featured not only a bearded man in drag, but attacked the Women's March, the Chicago Teachers Union and Latinx immigrants
Image result for Jeanne Ives transphobic ad
She tred to play of the ad as 'edgy' and 'informative'/  Yeah, that what you conservaBeckys always pivot to when you get caught peddling racist, transphobic and homophobic crap.

Image result for Jeanne Ives transphobic adIllinois Republican Party chair Tim Schneider stated that Ives should pull the ad and immediately apologize to the Illinoisans who were negatively portrayed in a cowardly attempt to stoke division."

"There is no place in the Illinois Republican Party for rhetoric that attacks our fellow Illinoisans based on their race, gender or humanity,"Schneider said.   

Gov Rauner's campaign quickly called out the ad, stating "This TV ad has no place in Illinois.  It just shows how unelectable Representative Ives really is."

But in the wake of that ad, Ives campaign has received $2.5 million in donations from a conservative mehgadonor who funded Roy moore's failed campaign.   It has also raised her profile amongst those Illinois conservatives wishing to send Gov Rauner packing.

So stay tuned to see if this transphobe who also hated on gay marriage back in 2013 gets out of the Republican gubernatorial primary

TransGriot Houston Area Texas Primary Endorsements

Early voting for the Texas primary elections starts on Monday and runs until March 2, with the primary election itself on March 6.    To help you TransGriot Texas readers out, it's time for me to announce the folks that I am endorsing for various races in the Democratic primary

I went through the Big 4 endorsements, plus my own observations about some of the candidates to come up with this list.   May be adding to it over the next few days until the start of early voting.     

Governor- Lupe Valdez 
Lt Governor- Mike Collier

US Senate- Beto O'Rourke
US House District 2- Todd Litton 
US House District 7- Laura Moser 
US House District 10- Madeline K. Eden
US House District 14- Adrienne Bell
US house District 18- Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee 
US House District 22- Sri Preston Kulkami
US House District 29- Sen. Sylvia R. Garcia  
US House District 36- Dayna Steele

GLO Commissioner- Tex Morgan
State Board of Education #4  Lawrence Allen 

TX State Senate 15- SenJohn Whitmire
TX State Senate 17- Fran Watson 

TX House 27- Rep. Ron Reynolds
TX House 28- Megan Scoggins
TX House 29- Dylan Forbis
TX House 126-Natali Hurtado
TX House 133- Sandra G. Moore 
TX House 134- Allison Sawyer
TX House 138- Adam Milasincic
TX House 139- Randy Bates
TX House 142- No Endorsement
TX House 146- RepShawn Nicole Thierry
TX House 147- RepGarnet Coleman

TX 14th Court of Appeal #3 - Jerry Zimmerer 
TX 14th Court of Appeals #8-  Margaret Meg' Poissant
55th Civil District Court- Latosha Lewis Payne 
113th Civil District Court- Rabeea Collier
185th Civil District Court- Jason Luong
188th Civil District Court - Scot 'Doll' Dollinger
234th Civil District Court - Lauren Reeder
269th Civil District Court- Shampa Mukerji
281st Civil District Court- George Arnold

246th Family District Court - Angela Graves-Harrington
280th Family District Court - Barbara J. Stalder
309th Family District Court - Linda Marie Dunson
313th Family District Court - Natalia Oakes
County Criminal Court #2 - Harold J. Landreneau
County Criminal Court #5 - David M. Fleischer
County Criminal Court #7 - Andrew A. Wright
County Criminal Court #11 - Gus Saper
County Criminal Court #12 - Juan J. Aguirre
County Criminal Court #13 - Raul Rodriguez
County Criminal Court #15 - Kris Ougrah
County Probate Court #2 - Jim L. Peacock
County Probate Court #4 - James Horwitz
County Civil Court at Law #2 - Jim Kovach
Harris County District Clerk - Marilyn Burgess
Harris County Clerk - Diane Trautman
County Treasurer - Dylan Osborne
Harris County Commissioner #2 - Adrian Garcia
Harris County Commissioner #4 - Penny Shaw
Harris County Justice of the Peace Pr 3, #2 - Don Coffey
Harris County Justice of the Peace Pr 7, #2 - Audrie Lawton
County School Trustee At Large #3 - Elvonte Patton
County School Trustee Pos 6, Pct 1 - Danyahel (Danny) Norris

Other Texas primary races I'm endorsing
TX House 62- Valerie Hefner    

TX House 75- Rep. Mary Gonzalez
TX House 94- Finnigan Jones   
TX House 123-  Rep. Diego Bernal 
116th Civil District Court- Tonya Parker
Williamson County Justice of the Peace Pct 4  Stacy Hackenberg

Monday, February 12, 2018

TransGriot Perv Watch- Kentucky Fried GOP Predator

As of this moment the GOP controlled Kentucky legislature is attempting to pass HB 326 an anti-trans bill once again aimed at school kids

But if they are looking for the real predators, the Kentucky Republican Party needs to look in their own ranks for them because the predators you're looking for are #StillNotTrans

But we have overwhelming evidence of republican Party officials or legislators doing kinky things in public bathrooms or doing the things they screech at others not to do.  .

The latest example of a GOP predator being busted for his crimes is in the state of Kentucky.

71 year old former Campbell County District Judge Timothy Nolan has pleaded guilty to numerous felony charges that included human trafficking of adults, promoting human trafficking of minors and unlawful transaction with minors.

He was indicted on 28 felony counts and two misdemeanor counts, but as part of a plea deal with Atty General Andy Beshear (D) Special Prosecutions Division, Nolan pleaded guilty to 21 counts against 19 victims for crimes that occurred between 2010 and 2017.

One of those crimes was coercing a child under age 18 to engage in commercial sexual activity

Nolan was an enthusiastic voice for the Tea Party on many local issues and a local campaigner for Donald Trump.  Nolan was elected to the Campbell County School Board in 2016

Prosecutors recommended sentences totaling 20 years plus a $100,000 fine   Nolan is being held in the Campbell County Detention center pending sentencing, which is scheduled to occur on March 29.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Joy Reid Shuts Down Another Conservafool

When are these conservafools going to learn not to step to Joy Reid with their 'alternative facts' because she will call them on it?

My media shero once again had to shut down an attempt by a conservative to spread disinformation on her show.   This time it was Amy Tarkanian, the former head of the Nevada Republican Party, trying desperately to spin and defend Trump from Reid calling out the pattern of being drawn to abusive Republican men and not calling them out on it.

As you probably guessed, Joy wasn't having it.   Reid challenged Tarkanian to come up with just one instance that Trump defended a woman who had accused a Republican male of sexual assault or abuse. 

And as you probably guessed, Tarkanian couldn't do it.   Enjoy the video